Starting Your Day With Warmth

How many of you beautiful people are morning people? Not me, at least not historically. Interestingly, I've been waking up before the alarm chimes most mornings. Why would you do such a thing? As someone who used to linger in the comfort of bed as long as possible, I can appreciate all the dissenting voices. …

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Believe in the Beauty

Do you believe in anything? When you find yourself struggling, do you have anywhere to turn? . . Maybe you find strength, answers, grace, vision, solace, community in organizations or established belief systems. . What if you don't? Or won't? Or can't? . If you need something to believe in, believe in the beauty that …

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Conversation with Mrs. W.

Making my way back to the movie theatre, putting my phone away, a woman catches my eye.  I nod hello and she said, "Excuse me, could you help?"  She's in a wheelchair, stopped near the restrooms.  I maneuver her chair around the corner in the direction of the ladies' room.  "No." She says, and I …

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