The Scent of Cinnamon

He held the Granny Smith apple under the running water, rinsing away the soap.  Wrapping it in the frayed towel, he placed it on the kitchen counter.  He turned over the vegetable peeler–how long had it been?–before unwrapping the apple.

He pressed the blade against the skin and scraped awkwardly.  Then it all came back to him in a rush.  His frustration fell away as the peel came off in one long curled strand.  He cut even pieces, casting aside only the seeds.

The warped frying pan gleamed from his scrubbing.  The butter melted as he carefully arranged the slices before sprinkling sugar and cinnamon.

He covered the card table with the faded checked tablecloth and clicked off the transistor radio.  He held the candle wick to the burner until it caught.

In the candlelight he marvelled at it all.  Fresh apple, sugar, cinnamon, his own kitchen.  His own.  He breathed deeply and the scent of cinnamon…the scent of cinnamon.  A warmth, something so close and yet out of reach.

“Maybe I can make it on the outside,” he thought, before he could stop himself.




19 thoughts on “The Scent of Cinnamon

    1. Robin, I really like this story as a widower missing his wife! Someone expecting company is also quite lovely. My idea behind it was someone released on parole after a long prison sentence. Thanks so much Robin, I’m delighted that all sorts of senses were felt :).

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        1. I’m delighted that you had your own interpretation, Robin! I came across a quote to the effect that poetry belongs to everyone; that when a poet writes a poem and puts it out in the world, that it is no longer his/hers but belongs to everyone who reads it. I absolutely love this idea and believe that it’s true, not just of poetry but all art forms.


  1. “He pressed the blade against the skin and pressed awkwardly.”

    This leads me to believe that his crime had a knife scraping against skin. Perhaps against his estanged wife, who wore a cinammon scented perfume.

    Your writing leads me in all kinds if directions of thought.

    Will you be expanding on if he does make it in future posts?

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