You Can Close the Light [Beauty of the World]

“Thanks for staying with me.”
Squeezing tighter.
Their limbs a heavy tangle.
“You can take over the bed now.”  She rolls away.
Releasing him.

“You can close the light.”
Her laughter tickling his whiskers, she reaches for the switch.
“What?”  His voice thick with sleep.
“You’re French when you’re utura-utura.”
“Where are you?”

Her fingers finding his face.
He pulls her to him, pressing against her skin.
“We’re on next I have candles.”
She inhales his scent.
“It’s in the passports the dog will be there.”
Holding fast to the tender ache in her heart.



Beauty of the World:  In this series I use an “untranslatable word” in a story.
These wonderful words capture the beauty of languages around the world.


Untranslatable Word:
Utura-utura (うつらうつら) (Japanese [Gitiago] v.):  to drift between sleep and wakefulness.


For more wonderfully untranslatable words, see:


22 thoughts on “You Can Close the Light [Beauty of the World]

    1. Thanks very much, J. This one looked different when I started, then it swirled around and ended up intersecting with a ‘beauty of the world’ word.
      Yes! Isn’t it just… perfect? There should be an equivalent word in every language!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Scinthwast. That’s a special untranslatable Welsh word that means ‘has every intention of including cool word in next post, but is inherently unreliable’. True story.

        Liked by 1 person

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