Be Mindful, Baby

I feel it slipping through my fingers — a split second too late.


My cell phone hits the concrete, in slow motion.


Pieces scatter across the sidewalk.

Filled with trepidation, I turn it over.  We have light.  I hold a hopeful breath..?  We have images.  Click.  Almost afraid to look…

“Switchboard.  How may I direct your call?”


“Just checking you’re there.”

“How may I direct your call.”

“Thanks.”  Click.

Kindness and mercies

People kindly step around as I gather the black and clear fragments from the crowded sidewalk.  The shattered pieces are from the case and screen protector.  Only?  Only.  Small mercies.  Medium-sized mercies.  Thank you.

What have we learned today, beautiful people?  Protection and precautions are good.  Mindfulness is even better.

Moments and mindfulness

As it is with cell phones, so it is with life.  A moment’s inattention and what we value can slip through our fingers.  How many times has this happened to us?  We can probably count a few.

A moment’s inattention can also cause us to miss an opportunity.  How many times has this happened to us?  We may never know.

Moments add up.  Consequences–positive and negative–also progress over time.

Beautiful reminder

What took my attention away from the cell phone in that moment?  I was holding a bunch of stuff, rushing… I can’t even remember.

The smashed screen protector is still in place.  Looking through the web of cracks, what do I see?

Be mindful, baby.  Be mindful.



13 thoughts on “Be Mindful, Baby

  1. kevin

    Love this.

    How appropriate that it takes a potentially broken cell phone to remind you/us to be mindful.

    Live in the moment, baby. Put the smartphones away! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sorry about your phone – why o why do the nastiest things happen to the nicest people…?
    I try and take comfort from the fact that we are but “a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam – a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena” so whatever “major” trials and tribulations beset us on this Pale Blue Dot, they are nothing compared to the majesty of the universe:
    Bless u (now, more than ever it seems)

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