A Spark Is All I Need, Baby

“What do you usually have for breakfast?”


“Eggs, usually”


“When I think of you,” he said

Her forearm


Across the table

“When the sun rises”

So pale

“In a bit of coconut oil”


“Over the glass surface”


“Sprinkled with Himalayan salt”

His sea-worn

“Of the open water”


“Often with matcha tea”

How could she stand that stuff

“I want to close my eyes”

He could weep

“Sometimes cocoa”

That was tolerable at least

“And see every detail”

Tracing her fresh burn mark

“And a multivitamin”

He should cut back his morning mud brew

“If you ever need — anything”


“I’ll send up a flare”

But he loved it

“A spark is all I need, baby”



“Anytime,” by Journey
Video posted to youtube by StevePerryForever

Purchase song here or album here.


This song sounds great with “Feeling That Way” featured in my previous post.  Here they are together, for the uninitiated:

Video posted to youtube by user perryfan49.

“Feeling That Way” and “Anytime” are from Journey’s 1978 album, Infinity.
Purchase album here.

Now, I’m thinking I need this album!




25 thoughts on “A Spark Is All I Need, Baby

    1. Ummm I’m eating soggy Cheerios and drinking my own mud brew as I had my wisdom teeth yanked two days ago! Whatever wisdom I had left was left behind in the dentist office…
      It’s now Free For All!

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