Starting Your Day With Warmth

How many of you beautiful people are morning people? Not me, at least not historically. Interestingly, I've been waking up before the alarm chimes most mornings. Why would you do such a thing? As someone who used to linger in the comfort of bed as long as possible, I can appreciate all the dissenting voices. …

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Be Mindful, Baby

I feel it slipping through my fingers -- a split second too late. *Smash* My cell phone hits the concrete, in slow motion. Noooo! Pieces scatter across the sidewalk. Filled with trepidation, I turn it over.  We have light.  I hold a hopeful breath..?  We have images.  Click.  Almost afraid to look... "Switchboard.  How may …

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Invest in Yourself, Baby

Do what you love, love what you do We all know that our work is a large part of our lives.  Many of us invest accordingly, with designations, courses, training and ongoing learning.  It may not occur to us to approach our personal lives with the same focus. Invest in yourself Are you generally happy?  …

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