At the Cabaret (50 Word Fiction)

Now she would never know.  She resignedly stepped forward.  The crowd roared.  His gaze sprung her heart free:  He loved her after all.

He winced at her smile; a blade across his chest.  He reached for her as the guillotine dropped.  Her head rolled, slowly, then rested at his feet.




23 thoughts on “At the Cabaret (50 Word Fiction)

    1. Thank you, Rich. The title is a reference to the public executions in France in the 1700s. The guillotine became a fixture and crowds attended regularly. The atmosphere was charged and festive; merchants set up to meet the spectators’ demands for music, food and general merriment. One well-known restaurant was called “Cabaret de la guillotine”. Execution by guillotine was so popular that it continued until 1977.

      I see what you mean; the title may be a little too obscure.

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